Heritage Homestead Classes


Here at Stone Garden Farm & Village,we are dedicated to keeping heritage skills alive and teaching our community to be more self reliant.  We live like this every day, and want to share a little of our knowledge with others.   Homesteading classes are a great way to learn heritage skills.  We can do one-on-one classes or large groups. We are happy to schedule individual classes (generally classes are between 3-4 hours) or we can customize your own experience! You can come for the day, look around a bit, bring a lunch and try all the things that interest you! Maybe you want to bring the family and make soap, milk the cow and grind some corn to make cornbread. Maybe you want to have a taffy pull, make homemade paper and mozzarella cheese. With your own customized class, it's up to you! Camping also available for a fun weekend.

Call or email for pricing and scheduling  (843)469-4060


Soap & Natural Body Products


Learn different soap-making techniques, how to make and use lye, different soap additives that enhance your soaps and make and cut a few batches. Learn Laundry and dish soap recipes. Make your own lip balm, shampoo, hair rinse, bath salts, and body scrubs, and even toothpaste! Take some creations home with you. All participants will take some creations home to share.

Cow Milking, Cheese, Butter & Ice Cream Making


Try your hand at cow or goat milking, learn how to strain and store fresh milk, and some of the pros and cons of pasteurization.  help make some fresh cheeses such as mozzarella and chevre, make some farm-fresh butter and finish off with a batch of hand-cranked ice cream.

Old Fashioned Taffy-Pulling & All-Natural Candy Making


Love sweets but not all the chemicals? Make some lollipops with 100% maple syrp, some hard candies out of 100% honey, pull some taffy made of molasses, baking soda and butter, and make dip some caramel apples using just honey, cream, and sea salt.

Food Preservation & Fermentation


Pick some seasonal garden produce and learn and try easy canning and pickling methods that anyone can do at home. Make a batch of Sauerkraut and learn about fermentation. Use fruit of the season to make delicious jams, jellies, or fruit butters. Learn which fruits have natural pectin. Try blanching and freezing produce and dehydrating vegetables and herbs as another easy way to preserve the bounty.

Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants


Go on a walk in the Cuyahoga National forest and find all the many wild edible plants that grow in our area. Learn about plants that have other uses, such as medicinal uses or making rope. Come back to the farm and learn more edibles that grow around your home. Make an herbal salve and have a 'wild edible' lunch.

Organic Gardening


Bring your floppy hat! Learn and practice organic principles and techniques, including soil preparation, planting and saving seeds, weeding, composting, mulching, permaculture, edible landscapes and potting plants.

Homesteading Survival


Spend the day learning useful skills of the homestead, including rendering tallow from beef suet, and using it to make candles, soap, and hand salve. Go on a wild edible walk, make and sample some jerky, learn a little about gardening & animal husbandry, and have an outdoor survival discussion.

Sock Monkey Makin'


Bring a pair of cotton socks of any color or design and make your very own sock monkey! Stuff him or her, and use our fabric and buttons to make accessories such as hats or aprons, scarves and faces. Take your new friend home.

Farm Food Class


Where does our food come from? Collect eggs, help milk our cow, see the gardens, shell some corn to feed the pigs, grind some grains, make some butter and icecream!

Handmade Paper


Find out how fun, easy, and inexpensive it is to make your own beautiful paper at home using sawdust, paper scraps, and other materials.  Incorporate herbs, experiment with colors, and make a batch of your very own to take home.

Rag Rugs


Learn 2 different rug making techniques using scrap fabrics.  We will practice making braided and crochet rugs.  Bring some sheets, blankets, pillow cases, or fabric to turn into strips and start on your own rug to take home to finish.

Fiber Arts


Learn how to turn our Jacob sheep's wool into something beautiful.  Practice carding with hand and drum carders, spinning with drop spindles and spinning wheels, dying with plants and natural extracts and then weaving or crocheting the yarn or thread into clothing or fabric!